About Rochefort.pro

The Rochefort family is a broad network of eager professionals at producing and line-producing, who are always ready to jump in and make things happen.
We like to think of ourselves as professional wranglers — from finding the perfect location to the right makeup artist to complete a certain look or aesthetic, we bring together all of the necessary elements to make a production reality.

With over ten years of experience working on commercial productions for a wide range of clients, we excel at finding solutions to every production requirement. Over the past few years we’ve worked with clients as large as Heineken and as intimate as Green Paper Boys. As excited as you are about your plans, we are thrilled about our approach to bring that plan to life. Making your scripts come true in an excellent way is our mission.
It’s the challenge of realizing each client’s unique vision that keeps us coming back.
Whether you are an agency, production company or a brand and looking to discuss a new project, please do not hesitate to give us a shout!

Meet the Rochefort Family

The Rochefort Family is tight-knit and far-reaching.
Get to know some of the key players we regularly
work with on our productions below.

Roché Wong
+31(0)6 4311 5565

About the founder

After years of cutting his teeth at several Amsterdam based production houses, Roché Wong, the founder and ‘Big Cheese’ at Rochefort.pro, decided to branch out and start his own creative production network providing production services for several projects, working local and internationally.

With broad expertise under his belt from working in different production roles, he knew he could offer clients a more comprehensive and holistic approach to the production experience. Since launching in 2013, Roché has worked with different brands on a wide range of creative projects, collaborating with talented local agencies in the process.
He’s worked on commercials, video shoots, photo shoots, feature films, events and more. With each new project, he takes joy in getting his hands dirty and pushing his abilities to the next level.

The Big Cheese himself tells us more about why he loves his job (and his city) in five questions below.

5 Rapid-fire Questions with Roché:

What do you love most about your job?

Well, there are many things I love about my job.
One of them is being able to provide solutions to business partners during a project, no matter how big or small the project is. This really drives my service-minded heart. Another aspect I love is being able to unburden a client on a high-level project and offer them multiple options to a request. But at the end of the day, delivering a finished project and seeing the client happy is the most satisfying feeling.

What first drew you to the creative production life?

I was introduced to the advertising industry through a close friend and it was love at first sight. It was a natural fit for me because of my social skills, service orientated approach and easy-going way of communicating with people - or so I have been told. I came to really love the environment of this industry because of the creative vibe that is always present and the opportunities it allows me to meet new and interesting people.

Favorite thing about living and working in Amsterdam?

Throughout my childhood, I lived in different cities and continents, but only after I came to Amsterdam did I truly understand what it means to live in an international environment. Amsterdam may not have the look and feel of an international metropolis, but you can meet people here from all over the world.
Many influences from different industries all collide to create the pulse of this city. This, along with the friendly and open minds of its inhabitants, makes Amsterdam a major city in the creative industry.

Fill in the blank.
Rochefort.pro is …

Only one phone call or email away from providing creative solutions in the media & advertising industry.

The next thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

It’s been said that the sky is the limit, so I would like to see how high the limit actually is!

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