What we do

Rochefort.pro is a network skilled in service and line-production,
that pulls together and takes care of all of the nuts and bolts of your project, leaving you free to focus on what really matters – realizing your vision!

What does that entail? Below is an overview of some of the aspects within production we have our hands in.

“They say when there’s a will, there’s a way.
As we’ve learned, when there’s a “no”, there’s a chance to get creative.”


In the film industry, a producer is the person who manages several aspects of the production process of a media project and strives to make sure that all the necessary elements are ready at the right time and ideally within budget. Occasionally micromanaging and multitasking, most producers are involved in the production process since the early stages of development all the way to final phase of the release.
Whereas the creative team and the director are responsible for the creative and artistic elements of a story, the producer is responsible for enabling the director’s view by furnishing him with a crew, cast, equipment, props, and location. And not to mention coffee – fresh, hot coffee!


Cinematography is the art of the cinematographer or director of photography (DP). A good cinematographer does more than merely light a scene. He studies the script and creates an elaborate lighting setup that provokes emotions and strengthens the plot. Shot sizes, angles, and movements are the heart of exceptional camerawork, which, coupled with a lighting crafted to enhance emotions, forms the essence of cinematography. They provoke, inspire, frighten, relieve and amaze us.
DP’s are basically inventive problem solvers, so let us know if we can connect you to the ideal one!


Casting is often an underappreciated field within the media industry, despite its integral part in the creation and production of media and film.
The role of a Casting Director involves working closely with the director and producer to understand their requirements, and suggesting ideal artists for each role, as well as arranging and conducting interviews and auditions. Once the parts are casted, the Casting Director negotiates fees and contracts for the actors, and acts as a liaison between the director, the actors and their agents.
If you’re looking for casting legends, there’s no need to go any further – we’ve got you covered.

Location scouting & management

A great film shoot simply cannot be without the perfect location – being ‘good’ just simply is not good enough anymore.
Our network within the locations department raised the game in terms of finding great locations for commercials, events, TV movies and feature films in partnerships with may companies which are household names in the industry over the past few years.
Wheter seeking the perfect snow-covered village, treacherous mountains path or hyper reap urban financial district, we wil find something which fits every inch of your brief.


The job of an editor constitutes much more than cutting and splicing footage. While creatives and directors are the first to tell a story, editors are the close second ones. Since editors are often given a limited amount of footage, it may not appear so, but, through editing techniques, the editor may construct or deconstruct a story and shape it to it’s intention.
Each frame counts. The addition or removal of one frame may break or make a scene, by supporting or shattering the illusion intended.
Therefore, editors work diligently to maintain the story’s purpose.
We’ve got a few of these miracle workers in our midst if you want to get in touch..